Why Beauty Treatments Are Good For Your Health

Getting a beauty treatment goes beyond the way you look. It can increase your confidence, make you feel great about yourself and be a form of relaxation and self-care. 

In a modern world where the grind and hustle have become the new normal, it has become increasingly important to make time to take a break and care for yourself. Investing in yourself and how you feel is important and has a valuable impact on all aspects of your life. 

At MyHealth&Beauty we believe everyone should have access to the treatments they want and need. We’ve helped over 180,000 clients, allowing them to pay their treatments off over time with affordable, interest-free repayments. 

Don’t delay getting the treatment you deserve, so you can feel your absolute best! 

Here are 4 reasons why beauty treatments are great for your health. 

Reduce stress

Stress affects the physical and emotional well-being of millions of Australians. Making time to care for yourself free of distractions can be highly beneficial in reducing your stress levels and increasing your emotional wellbeing. 

Taking time out to care for yourself can be a great reminder that your needs are important. 

While a facial has great benefits for the health of your skin, it can also relieve stress. Our faces are made up of hundreds of pressure points and during facial treatments, these pressure points are massaged, activating the nervous system. This is beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety and is likely to leave you feeling calmer than when you walked in. 

Increase your confidence 

The signs of ageing, acne and pigmentation are completely normal and it is important to embrace your natural beauty and authentic self. However, for many, reducing these skin concerns can increase an individual’s self-confidence.

How you feel about your external appearance can greatly affect your confidence in all aspects of life. 

For many, getting professional treatments to help reduce skin concerns can make someone feel confident in themselves and overall affect their entire life, from career, relationships and their own internal self-worth. 


Promote blood circulation

Good blood circulation is important in preventing sickness, maintaining healthy oxygen flow throughout the body, and also helps your organs work at their best.

When you receive a facial, the massage techniques done by a professional will help improve blood flow and circulation, and thus, increasing the oxygen and nutrients that will be boosted into your face. 

This increase in blood circulation will make your skin healthier, create a higher cell turnover and leave your skin glowing!

Now, who doesn’t want that! 

Detoxify your skin

Modern living exposes you to UV damage, pollution and blue light radiation, all of which damage healthy skin. 

While these things are hard to avoid, our lymphatic system can clear out waste and toxins, but it often needs a bit of extra help to keep skin in its healthiest form. Each facial treatment is different in order to treat a clients area of concern, however, many facials consist of essential oils and herbal extracts which will accelerate the detoxification of your skin. 

This process will leave your skin looking radiant, glowing and even reduce signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

MyHealth&Beauty provides an innovative and simple payment plan solution that is specifically designed for clinics in the health and beauty industry providing all types of health and beauty procedures. From beauty to cosmetic surgery clinics, to skin and laser treatment, our payment plan solution will work for you. 

We provide a fully managed payment plan solution that will grow your clinic and have your clients saying yes to your procedures straight away. 


Can we collect less or greater deposit of 20%? 

20% deposit is the minimum required for the patient to pay initially. You can request a greater deposit if you wish.

Can clients make lump sum payments?

Patients can make lump sum or additional payments directly to the practice or MyHealth&Beauty. If the patient has made the payment directly to the practice – please notify us ASAP so we can apply the payment accordingly to their account.

There are no fees or penalties involved in this.

Can the client payout their MyHealth&Beauty early? Are there any fees or penalties involved? 

Patients can pay out their MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plan at any point. They can finalise their account directly to the practice or to MyHealth&Beauty. If they wish to pay their account to the practice, please phone our office prior to receive the correct balance from MyHealth&Beauty.

There are no fees or penalties involved in paying out early.

How do I complete a MyHealth&Beauty Amendment Form? 

  • Patients have the option to increase their term keeping their current instalments as they are. Otherwise, they can keep the term the same, increasing their instalments.
  • There is a $19 Amendment Fee charged to the patient for any increases.
  • A fee of 3.9% will be charged to the practice for the increase, calculated at the amount after deposit has been collected for the addition.