About Us

We make your procedures more affordable by offering a convenient way to pay

MyHealth&Beauty provides an innovative and simple payment plan solution that is specifically designed for clinics in the health and beauty industry providing all types of health and beauty procedures. From beauty to cosmetic surgery clinics, to skin and laser treatment, our payment plan solution will work for you. We provide a fully managed payment plan solution that will grow your clinic and have your clients saying yes to your procedures straight away.

We work with more than 2,000 clinicians in over 1,200 clinics, providing payment plans to thousands of clients each month to help them reach their health and beauty goals.

Our Mission Is Simple

Payment Plans For All Types of Procedures

MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plans can be used for all treatments and procedures including:

Face shaping
Dermal Filler Injections
Vein Removal
Skin Tightening
Eyelid Surgery
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Cosmetic Tattooing
Lip Enhancements
Hair Restoration
All Plans

How it works

Creating a Payment Plan

Creating a MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plan for your clients is easy. Simply present a suitable treatment plan to your client, then using the MyHealth&Beauty Portal, select the appropriate deposit, payment amounts and plan duration, and submit the plan. You can start treatment with your clients straight away and the payments to your clinic will commence.

  • Present a suitable Treatment Plan to your client
  • Decide on the Payment Plan details with your client
  • Submit client application to establish the MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plan
  • Begin the treatment, with payments commencing to your clinic
How It Works