4 Ways Your Clinic Can Make A Great First Impression

As the saying goes “first impressions are everything.” By mastering the art of first impressions your business can evolve its brand, increase sales and importantly increase client retention. 

It is imperative that your client’s initial experience with your clinic is great and that you leave them wanting to return for further treatments. 

We have 4 tips on how to make a first impression that greatly impacts your client’s overall experience. 

Positive phone etiquette

Building rapport over the phone is incredibly important to a business. This is something that is often overlooked, but it is the first opportunity to make that great first impression. 

Some key tips to follow when talking on the phone include: 

  1. Include the businesses name when answering the phone. 
  2. Include your name when answering the phone – this creates a more personalised experience. 
  3. Ask for the client’s name and personalise your conversation with them. For example “Yes, I can check what availabilities we have on Tuesday Samantha.” 
  4. Have an uplifting tone of voice, this helps to clarify and convey meaning. 

If you are on the phone and are hurried or unattentive that will be conveyed to the client, leaving them with a poor first impression.

Clients want to feel like a priority! 

By being engaged and focused on serving them the client will feel cared for and develop a great first impression. 

A warm welcome to the clinic 

Most people have walked into a business and felt insignificant or uncared for, resulting in them taking business elsewhere. The way a client is treated when walking into your clinic has a lasting impression on how they will feel about your clinic. 

It is important your clinic conveys friendliness and professionalism. Hiring the right receptionist is crucial to creating a positive first impression. 

A warm smile and a kind greeting will develop trust with the client and the business. It will also create rapport with the client and the receptionist.

A client should feel comfortable asking any questions to your receptionist and feel like they have full trust in your clinic and the treatment they will be receiving. 

Making your treatments more affordable by offering a convenient way to pay is a great way to also increase client acceptance, especially for patients who can’t afford the full cost of treatment upfront. 

MyHealth&Beauty provides an innovative and simple payment plan solution that is specifically designed for clinics in the health and beauty industry providing all types of health and beauty procedures. 

From beauty to cosmetic surgery clinics, to skin and laser treatment, our payment plan solution will work for you. 


Touchpoints before an appointment 

Reaching out to your clients before their appointment is a great way to show you care about their visit to your clinic. 

A few ways you can do this are: 

  • After booking an appointment over the phone – your receptionist can confirm the booking again at the end of the call. This will help clarify the date and time of the appointment to ensure there are no mix ups. 
  • An SMS or email to confirm the appointment – putting the appointment in writing can help minimise cancellations and remind patients of the date and time of their appointment. 
  • A phone call 2 days prior to the appointment – This is a great opportunity to confirm the appointment and ask the patients if they have any questions before they come in for their treatment. 

Show genuine interest

It is important to show interest in the treatment the client is getting. When a client comes in and asks questions about a particular treatment and the results they want to achieve it is important you actively listen. 

By showing your client that you understand their goals, wants and needs you can provide them with the best service possible. It is also an important part of creating trust between the individual providing treatment and the client.

 A treatment such as botox may be a scary experience for a new client, by assuring the client you have listened and understood their needs you can make them feel more comfortable that you will provide them with their desired look.

Allow more of your clients to achieve their dream look!

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